Custom foot orthotics are specially designed corrective devices to restore the natural position of the feet. Orthotics acts as an interface between the feet, the shoe and the ground. The purpose of the device is to support the bones and joints of the feet to maintain an optimal position and to eliminate or compensate for any mal-alignment or structural problems of the feet.

Orthotics are usually prescribed by a specialised doctor according to the individual characteristics of the patient. They are generally made by a podiatrist or orthotist. There are many different types of orthotics, such as rigid constructs to increase the control of alignment correction, or flexible types to provide comfort.

Functions of Custom Foot Orthotics

  • Prevent abnormal foot function
  • Restore proper weight distribution
  • Improve overall biomechanical function of the foot
  • Compensate for deformities or other abnormalities related to leg and foot
  • Prevent further damage of joints, muscles and ligaments
  • Prevent sports injuries and enhance performance


Orthotics are commonly indicated for prevention or correction of various foot conditions. Orthotics can be useful in a variety of conditions, including acquired flatfeet, high-arched feet (cavovarus), plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, diabetic neuropathy, calluses or corn formation, Morton's neuroma, sesamoiditis and arthritis. Sometimes orthotics are recommended as an alternative to surgery, or may be used after surgery to preserve surgical corrections.